How Fashion Can Spread Social Awareness

The fashion industry can do a lot to help social awareness. For instance, they can incorporate inspirational messages on their clothes that inspire others. This can help them raise awareness and provide support for people who are suffering from mental illnesses. Some companies are even tackling homelessness. These are just a few examples of ways that the fashion industry can help spread social awareness. Here are some ways that you can do your part.

One way that fashion can help spread social awareness is through its ability to make us feel good about ourselves. Many people think of how much they love their favorite celebrity and want to imitate them. These celebrities are also big role models for young people, so they often say that they need a new pair of shoes or a new lipstick. The more they look good, the better they feel about themselves. This is a big reason why there are programmes to help cancer patients, such as those that provide makeovers and wigs to cancer patients.

Fashion has an important place in modern society, but it does have a dark side. It must address issues like the working conditions of garment workers and the damage they do to the environment. But there are also many positives. When done right, fashion can make a big difference and spread ideas that are cool and relevant. A recent project by Professor Helen Storey MBE explored the use of textiles as air purifiers.





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