How to Make Your Instagram Profile Private

If you are interested in making your Instagram account private, then it is best to follow some guidelines. Instagram allows users to set the age tter420 of their profile, and the minimum age to sign up depends on your location. In addition, you can change your username and edit other aspects of your account whenever you want. If you feel that your profile has been targeted by cyberbullies, then you should take steps to report and block them. You can also create a private group and follow other people who share similar interests with you.

Stories are similar to posts, but they last only 24 hours. Instagram users can view other people’s stories by pressing their profile picture at the top of their home screen. Stories can be posted by swiping right from the profile picture. Users can also view their own stories by pressing on their profile picture. After selecting a story, users can swipe right to post it. They can also add a story that has expired. This way, users can re-watch their favorite Instagram content anytime.

Another way to express yourself on Instagram is by adding captions and emojis. The captions can be short and simple, or can be more elaborate and creative. Aside from words and emojis, users can also add hashtags and mention friends. Once your photos are uploaded, they will appear on your profile and in your followers’ feeds. In case you want to share the photo with your friends, you can even send a direct message to them.

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