How to Tune Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit?

Making sure your machine is properly tuned can help many aspects of your tattooing experience.

  • It makes sure that the needle will not “hop” or bounce on the skin of your customer.
  • It assists in transferring the ink into the dermis to be more evenly.
  • It ensures your lines are consistent and smooth.
  • It helps avoid unwanted swerves when you tattoo.
  • It is a way to prolong the life of the machine.
  • It stops the skin from being overworked and causing injury.

Find the Main components of your Tattoo Machine

Tuning a tattoo kit device requires learning and adjusting all components that make up the device. Be aware that certain elements are not compatible with the coil gun and rotary.

  • Machine Coils

If you’re making use of a coil gun the way that it runs depends upon the wires. The coils are visible and obvious components that are used in the guns. They have an electromagnetic current which runs an arc through the coils. 

  • Front and Back Springs

These springs create the current and motion in your tattoo machine. The springs work by releasing tension to cause the force that affects the motion of the needle.

  • Rotary Motor

If you’re using a rotary machine it has an electrical motor inside the machine that turns, and is able to run other parts that cause the needle to move. Rotary motors are much more reliable and reliable and don’t require internal adjustments.

  • Contact Screw

On both rotary and coil machines that do not use cartridges, this keeps the flow of current constant.

  • Armature Bar

This is the thing that controls what happens to the rate of motion on your gun, which is moving both up and down to allow the needle to complete the job. This is determined by the force of the screw that contacts it. 

Tuning an Machine for Lining a Tattoo Machine for Lining

The lining is typically the very first and delicate part of the process of tattooing. If you do it right, your shading will have a greater chance of being successful.

The following tips are for setting coiled.


Be sure to have needles for your blister pack as well as rubber bands and tubes for tattoo machines.

Do not touch the sterile components from the machine without gloves made of latex. Designate a workspace which is covered with an unclean, disposable cloth to facilitate this process.


Bring the tattoo machine close to the eye so that you can clearly see the tattoos. Press the bar that holds the armature. When the upper end of your front coil meets the bar prior to the rear coil gets to the same bar, then you’re in good shape.

In the event that you don’t, you’ll have to buy the coil shims (you can buy them on the lumbuy tattoo kit store) to change the angle. Note that both the rear and front coils should not be in contact with the armature bar.

Adjusting the speed of the machine Lift the retaining rod on the contact screws to alter your machine’s speed. The contact screw is located in the upper back of the tattoo device.

Removing the needle

The option of using tattoo needles for lining must be pointed and not flat. Flat needles create a thick lining which could affect the overall appearance of your work. On the other hand, pointed needles help keep your work clean.

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