Legal and Ethical Issues in Educational Technology

Ethical and legal concerns are ever-present in the world of education, and the use of educational technology is no exception. Many of these issues are purely ethical and technical, and others are borderline illegal and may violate laws and regulations. The following discussion will highlight some of these concerns. Keeping students safe is a top priority, especially when using technology in the classroom. Here are some tips to keep kids safe.

While promoting the use of educational technology, some concerns should be considered. For example, using the Internet to teach students is against the law. It violates copyright laws and intellectual property rights. In addition, using educational technology to support disabled students could violate laws pertaining to special education. Some examples of these concerns include bullying, plagiarism, and discrimination. Additionally, technological advances can help special-needs students learn.

One of the most common legal and ethical issues in educational technology involves plagiarism. If a student copies another person’s work, he/she is violating the terms of the law. However, this is not the only problem. In addition to this, educational technology can help students with special needs learn and perform better. It is imperative that educators understand these issues and be aware of the consequences of infringement.

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