Marketing Technology Coordinator Job Description

The Marketing Technology Coordinator (MTC) role involves supporting a firm’s CRM platform and electronic marketing management tools. MTCOs support marketing teams by ensuring that these tools are effective and reliable and Marketingproof develop and execute processes to make them so. They also provide support for internal resources to use these tools. A Marketing Technology Coordinator’s responsibilities may include developing and delivering training programs to marketing teams and overseeing the quality of contact relationship data.

This role requires a high level of interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise. It requires collaboration with various departments across the organization and with the IT team. This person also develops and implements marketing strategies to networldking52 ensure brand success. Other duties include overseeing the testing of new technologies and developing relationships with technology vendors. They may also be responsible for empowering clients to use social media to increase their reach.

Marketing technology manager salaries vary considerably across the United States. The top-paying city is Atkinson, NE, while the next highest paying city is Barnstable Town, MA. Both places beat the national average by more than $22,000 a year. In addition, they offer economic opportunities for advancement.

A marketing technology manager is responsible for connecting the marketing department with the IT department to develop a strategy that will meet the company’s goals and objectives. This position requires an in-depth thedailynewspapers understanding of technology and the needs of various departments, and must be adept at liaisoning between the marketing and IT departments. They must also be able to translate marketing objectives and visions into implementations of the right technologies.

A bachelor’s degree is often required, but some companies prefer a master’s degree. Coursework should include statistics, research tvwish methods, and business. In addition, applicants should have a keen interest in the latest trends in marketing, as these are crucial to a marketing technology manager’s job. As experience grows, marketers may be promoted to senior-level management positions, or even start their own consulting business.

Marketing technology managers are required to have a blend of IT skills and business knowledge. They must be able to work well with r7play cross-functional teams and remain calm under pressure. They must be able to communicate effectively with IT, marketing, and sales departments. As a team player, they must be able to bridge the gap between IT and marketing, and work across all digital channels.