Reasons Why Every Australian Home Owning A Pool Should Have Regular Pool Inspections

In the Australian summer, it can be tempting to spend all day lounging in the pool. However, if homeowners don’t take care of their water-filled oasis, problems can arise quickly. They’ll need routine pool inspections performed by a professional technician every 6 months. This way, any issues will be detected early on and dealt with before they become costly repairs.

Australia has a temperate climate with some of the hottest months, and not surprisingly, many homes in Australia own a backyard or an indoor pool. While having a pool can certainly take the edge off of a hot day. But, without proper maintenance, pools won’t last as long. With that being said, there are many reasons why every homeowner with an above-ground pool or inground swimming pool needs to have regular pool inspections:

Inspections Are Short, And Sweet

A pool inspection is quick and efficient. They take as little as 30 minutes to complete, so people won’t waste any time getting them done. They can also hire a professional pool inspection company, who will come out every week or two and walk through the entire process with them quickly and professionally. Another option is hiring an independent inspector who will come out on his schedule (typically once per month). Finally, if homeowners know someone who already has their own pool inspection business going on, they may be able to assist with doing simple checks before they leave each day while they’re checking in on their other properties too!

Inspections should be done either early morning or late afternoon when there isn’t direct sunlight shining into the water; this way, visibility won’t be impacted by glare reflecting off surfaces inside or outside the home.

Homeowners Can Fight Off Repairs With Routine Inspections

Regular inspections are a great way to keep the pool in good shape and are relatively inexpensive. If you don’t have regular inspections, it’s like driving the car without frequent oil changes. Australians can do it for a while, but eventually, something will break down and cost them big bucks to fix—and then it’ll happen again next time they forget about getting an inspection!

Pool Technicians Perform Safety Checks

The primary benefit of having a pool inspection performed regularly is the safety checks that are performed. In addition to checking for cracks, leaks, and corrosion, pool technicians will also check the filter, pump, and chlorinator for wear. A worn-out filter can be extremely dangerous as it may not keep the pool clean as it should be. If this happens, residents should replace the old one immediately with a new one.

A worn-out pump or chlorinator can also pose a hazard as they have been known to break down without warning leading to shrapnel flying across the room, potentially injuring anyone nearby.

A pool inspection is much more than just checking the water chemistry and cleaning up leaves that could clog drains or damage filters. They should include safety checks and any other maintenance issues that might arise during routine use of one’s backyard oasis.

Safety checks include:

  • Inspecting all electrical components (lights, pumps) for worn parts or frayed wiring; replacing these components before they fail.
  • Checking for loose railings on ladders or stairs; tightening screws if necessary.
  • Checking for cracked glass tiles around skimmers/filters or elsewhere around the pool’s perimeter, ensuring there aren’t any sharp edges where someone could cut themselves.