The Character of Redfinger in the Honkai Star Rail Game of Seele

Honkai Star Rail’s Seele is a noticeable figure with a large influence from past versions. Thus, many gamers are keen on having her in their possession. To assist, this guide will present a complete overview of Seele.

Is it a worthwhile venture to bring Seele into Honkai Star Rail?

The Honkai Star Rail game features a plethora of characters that can be obtained through pulls, with the likelihood of getting a stronger character being more meager. So, it is essential to not miss out on the chance of getting a character. From the list of characters, Seele is particularly remarkable as she is a highly desirable 5-star character. Furthermore, her capabilities as a damage dealer make her a much sought-after character. Her skills provide output amplifying effects, which augment her appeal even more.

For example, Seele’s slashing effect is capable of granting her multiple hits with her primary attacks. These assaults cause quantum damage, totalling half of her attack power. It is worth noting, however, that this technique is restricted to only one foe. Furthermore, her battle skill is also an assault directed at a single target, but inflicts far more damage than her basic strikes. It ensures full damage and provides her with a speed bonus, lasting for two turns.

Seele is an excellent combatant due to her impressive battle techniques, one of which is her ultimate move that amplifies her attack attribute damage to a staggering 240%. In addition, her secret technique provides her with a stealth effect, granting her the ability to dodge enemy strikes. As a result, the majority of her attacks demonstrate remarkable force, making her a great asset to have during a fight.

Guidelines for assigning points to Seele in Honkai Star Rail

It is suggested that Seele should allocate their skills in the following manner

When progressing through the game, it is recommended to prioritise investing points in her ultimate skill and battle skill first. After that, focus on investing in her talent and basic attacks. Having level 4 basic attacks will give you an improved speed benefit. After reaching level 6, you can strengthen the slashing line to reap more beneficial rewards. Furthermore, increasing the damage from her talent will result in her ultimate skill having a bigger impact, thus providing a general improvement.

  1. Suggested relic choices for Seele

To start off, the four-piece set called “Brilliant Genius Under the Star Flag” is an excellent choice. Afterwards, the two-piece set known as the “Leaf Space Sealing Station” could be taken into consideration. The former increases Seele’s quantum damage, and her ability to take down groups of adversaries with quantum weaknesses. The latter provides a considerable boost to the character’s attack power, and its conditions for activation are favorable.

When deciding which relics to use for Seele, a person can pick one from each of the Brilliant Genius of the Stars, Quick Marksman of the Wilderness Companion, or Space Sealing Station categories. In addition, for transitional purposes, it is possible to combine two from the sets mentioned. This strategy makes it easier to reach a desired result in the later parts of the game.

  1. Advice for Seele’s Stigmata

It is suggested that Seele should find stigmata that would work best for them. This could involve researching what style and type of stigmata would work best for them and their situation. Ultimately, the chosen stigmata should be tailored to their individual needs and preferences.

While opting for stigmata, the Butterfly Dance should be given priority. This can enhance fluidity, and can be combined with her unique weapon effect to obtain better outcomes. Her second and fourth stigmata are intended for slashing and the boost in values after the third stigmata is substantial. However, the sixth stigmata can only be attained with a specialized arrangement and is not possible for a regular team.

Examining Seele’s Capabilities in Honkai Star Rail

Seele has an offensive move that targets one foe, causing damage based on her attack power ratio that will heighten with her level. This technique is affected by counter-restraints and the target’s defense. The battle skill is similar to the basic attack, but its ratio is significantly higher; it also grants Seele extra action points so she can act quickly in the next round, albeit at the cost of one action point. Her ultimate skill, though, greatly amplifies her damage output and permits her to enter the amplification state without utilizing her talent, leading to an exaggerated burst of damage for single-target output.

Whenever Seele eliminates adversaries with her basic assaults, battle techniques, or ultimate skill, her capacity instigates the intensification state right away. This bestows her a supplementary turn and amplifies the harm of her present move, making it an indispensable ability for Seele. It remarkably augments her burst damage and furnishes her with more flexibility. As a result, numerous players construct pursuit teams focused on Seele to make the most of this ability.

Apart from battle, Seele has a confidential method that permits her to enter a concealed form, proficiently avoiding any enemy pursuit. In realistic combat situations, even if foes have noticed Seele, she can use this secret method to perplex and steer clear of them, making certain that she won’t be pulled into fight.

Final Thought

It is evident that Seele is the go-to character for dealing the most damage to a single target. Her chase ability is beneficial in turn-based gameplay, so if you choose her as your main character, you can be ahead of everyone else. If you are interested in learning about the other characters, check out Redfinger’s Android emulator platform.