Top Topics to concentrate for optimum success in PMP Exam

PMP is one of the most highly rated internationally recognized professional certification in project management. PMP certification enhances your PM capabilities, increases your market opportunities, shows your ability to manage critical projects to prospective employers, and helps you to take on difficult projects, and can boost your salary significantly. PMP exam is conducted by the Project Management Institute and while certificating those who are PMP exam candidates, PMI examines the candidates on five aspects of managing projects in accordance with the the PMBOK Guide.

Top 10 subjects to focus on for maximum achievement in PMP  Examination:

  • Project Scope Management:

Project Scope Management includes two elements. The first is that it pertains to the entire work needed to complete and deliver an item or service. Secondly, it refers to the functions and features that define the service or product. So, Scope project management includes all of the work requirements that go from establishing the creation of a product and delivering it. 

  • Project Risk Management:

Project Risk Management focuses in managing risks in projects. The primary responsibilities of project managers involved in this procedure include planning project risk management, recognize the risk, carry out quantitative and qualitative risk analysis and plan risks monitoring and controlling risks.

  • Project Quality Management

Project Quality Management process ensures the quality of the final product or service in the context of the management of the project. It sets quality standards as well as the objectives and responsibilities, and ensures that it delivers high-quality service at the conclusion phase of project.

  • Project Cost Management:

Project Cost Management can be described as the method technology is used to monitor productivity and costs throughout the entire life cycle of enterprise-level projects. It calculates costs, establishes a the budget, and manages costs. 

  • Project Time Management:

Project Time Management is the process of dispersing and monitoring the time spent in project management. One method to ensure that the project is completed in time can be described as Project Time Management. Project Time Management monitors the time that is spent on the course of a project. It also outlines the amount of time to be allocated for a specific task in a project. 

  • The Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management is the process that makes sure that all requirements in the project are in sync. It involves the integration of the plan development process, execution and the integration of changes and control procedures. Each process is comprised of different sets of output and input, as well as different sets methods and tools utilized to accomplish the task and convert inputs into output. 

  • Project Human Resource Management:

Project Human Resource Management is the process of identifying and capturing roles, responsibilities , and the required capabilities. It is primarily concerned with hiring staff, organizational planning as well as team development. Project Human Resource Management ensures a planned and strategically-planned approach to managing the organisation’s most valuable assets. these are those who are involved in many projects.

  • Project Communications Management:

Project Communications Management is the method that assures the communication of the team members, stakeholders as well as the product’s owner and other people involved in the project. The primary focus of communication management is to identify the key stakeholders and plan communications, disseminate information, manage stakeholder expectations, and monitor the performance of stakeholders.

  • Project Procurement Management:

The primary focus areas in Project Procurement Management are to manage, plan, and conduct and manage procurements.

  • Social and Professional Responsibilities:

The field of Social and Professional accountability is covered by PMBOK Guide In the PMP exam study ensures the integrity of each individual in the context of a project. It improves self-confidence and encourages collaboration among stakeholders web series review.