What Does My Cat Think of Me?

How we wish we could read a fluffy furball’s mind, but is it possible? Can we know what is inside that furry head?

What my feline thinks of me is a common question of some cat owners, and to know that you should pay attention to your munchkin’s expressions, gestures, and vocalizations. The key to understanding how your cat views you lies in constant observation of its behaviors.

However, it can be important to learn what behaviors reflect your cat’s opinion and what behaviors don’t. Some habits can indicate medical conditions, not your furry baby’s views; this can be especially true when your furball exhibits abrupt behavioral changes.

When unsure, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian for a quick consultation. The vet can physically examine and run a couple of tests to diagnose the issue. If a treatable health condition is the culprit, they are likely to suggest a proper course of treatment to help set your feline on the path to health and happiness.

In times like this and many others, cat insurance NZ can come to your medical financial aid. Cat insurance covers a kitty cat for accidental injuries, sickness, and health emergencies, depending on the level of cover chosen. Contemplate purchasing a policy so you don’t have to exhaust your entire savings during dire health circumstances.

Meanwhile, read this article to learn what your cat thinks of you.

A fellow cat

Feline behaviorists believe that cats view their hoomans as fellow cats. Cats don’t alter their behaviors around their guardians, other people, or animals. They often stick to their instincts and interact with any person as they would with any other cat.

You might have noticed that cheerful tail up in the air while greeting you or others, cheek rubbing, head rubbing, starting to groom your hair leisurely, and other typical cat behaviors. If you observe a cat litter, you will realize that this is how tiny furballs interact with each other.

In such a case, you can rest assured that your frisky feline considers you one among its lot, treats you as its equal, and finds no need to mask its true nature when around you. There is a little pretense in a relationship like this, and you can be happy that your furball has positive intentions.

It is likely that your four-pawed companion thinks you are its mom because you raise it. Kitty cats exhibit specific behaviors when reared by their cat mothers, and they most likely repeat them with their humans when they know they are cared for.

Kneading and purring are two behaviors you can easily identify in cats that are happy where they belong. So, if your cat finds it hard to let you go, then know that it trusts you, feels safe around you, and thinks you are its protector.

While your cat believes there can be little to worry about in your presence, you should work towards living up to its belief. Consider supporting it with cat insurance in NZ, so it gets quality medical care during unanticipated illnesses and health emergencies.

Contemplate purchasing cat insurance so that providing your furry precious with the medical care it deserves during testing times of health need not be financially overwhelming.